5 Reasons Why Self-Care is Important

5 Reasons Why Self Care is Important

Everyone by now has heard about how important self care is to an individual’s health (mental, physical, and spiritual.) In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become even more important. How many people, though, know why it’s important? There are so many great benefits to adding some sort of self care routine! Obviously exercise, proper hygiene, or self improvement are going to have their own specific results and benefits, but self care as a whole has some general benefits, no matter how it is you care for yourself.

  1. Stress Relief


Stress is all around us. It is something we deal with from the moment we wake up. And it is no surprise that times are extremely stressful right now. Millions of people are unemployed, people have been cooped up during lockdowns for 3-4 months, there is tons of civil unrest; it's all stress. People really need some rest and relaxation! Self care gives you an avenue to relax. Unwind and take some much needed time for yourself, whether through exercise, a nice cup of tea and a book, or some quiet meditation.

  1. Be Healthier Physically

By following a self care routine you will without a doubt start feeling healthier. Adding exercise, meal prep, or a skin care routine are just a few ways that you can improve your health. Self care routines are great for improving your health, but that doesn’t mean everything that is self care is healthy. I have to say that I do indulge in the occasional cigar, and that indulgence is part of my self care.

  1. Improve Mental Health

Better mental health is a huge benefit of adding some self care routines into your life! I know this to be true, because I am able to handle my depression and anxiety. Are there still days that they get the best of me? Of course there are! It would be improbable for these illnesses to disappear entirely. Exercise, mindfulness,  self improvement, better hygiene all are going to play an important part in being in a better state of mind. 

  1. You can grow and learn

People think that once we hit a certain point in life that there is no further we can go. That simply isn’t the case. With the world at our fingertips there is no stopping point, unless you set one for yourself. We can continue to learn for the many years to come after graduation. For myself, self  improvement is a huge part of my self care routine. It allows me to continue to learn new things. There is so much you can do for self improvement: exercise, business books, books to learn a new skill, meditation and becoming more in tune with your body, the lis goes on and on! Practicing self care and self improvement allows you to be the best version of yourself!

  1. Strengthen relationships with others

It sounds like self care is very self centered and selfish but it really isn’t! By taking the time to take care of yourself you can actually grow your relationships with others. When you practice self care, you re-energize yourself so you can give to others. Think about the gas tank on your car, eventually you need to stop and refuel. Well our energy is the same. If we constantly give to others, then our tank is going to run empty. Self care gives us that time to recharge.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, each thing that you add to your routine, is going to have its own individual benefits. Like how exercise is going to make your heart stronger, give you more energy, and maybe even help you lose weight (if that’s your goal!); or how self improvement will help you learn new things, experience new hobbies, and better manage your state of mind. In the current state of the world, self care is something that can not be ignored.


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